Rules and Regulations

$200 Deposit for reservation (non-refundable)  - see bookings to make a reservation, 

Important: Generator operates 2-4 times/day for your electricity needs (approx. 1hr each time)

GENERATOR & Propane use for BBQ, Hot tub, fire pit  (included)

The Big Kahuna will take you to Turtle Bay and Hurricane Bay.  Other location is at your own "Cruising" cost, to a maximum of 6 hrs/day,

The "Big Kahuna" floats in middle of lake at day timeCool  (weather permitting) approx.  1-6 pm

Please use upper deck for smoking,Master Bedroom

No pets allowed,

Children -12 must be supervised at all times

No diving from top deck please and absolutely no running, 

The owners of the "Big Kahuna Houseboat" shall not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, lost or stolen items while you are living on the premises,

All Visitors can come on board from 1 pm and must leave 2 hours before dark before dark ($20 cash/day/visitor) paid prior to boarding, max: 20 people.  

Any disrespectful behavior towards the yacht or the passengers will not be tollerated  and that one will be asked to leave the premises without a refund,

Must show your valid fishing liscense before fishing and use designated fishing areas and proper fishing hooks/bates allowed for the area, fine is $450. from Fishery.

Only one Captain may operate the Big Kahuna... Chantal  (owner)

Please do not try to operate the houseboat on the top helm.

Cruising with  the Houseboat (to other connecting lakes) is optional and is charged per hr.  Yatch floats in middle of Mara Lake during the day and returns to the shore at 6pm
 . The houseboat is stationary near the shores of Mara Lake while waiting for your arrival or if we have bad weather.

 Please be Ponctual for check in (4pm).  If you are late,  please contact us at 780-907-0570, after dark, we can not leave the shore until next morning.

We shall remain anchored by the shore during storms, strong winds and unstable weather, as well as during night time,

To insure your privacy, cleaning will be done only after your departure. (All linen is provided)

For your own privacy, upper kitchen may be cleaned when you are off shore or off upper deck.

Additional "Optional" Costs:  (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

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